Plotting a Path to Success With the Channelnomics Growth Calculator


Sep, 13

Plotting a Path to Success With the Channelnomics Growth Calculator

Vendors talk about the need to grow, and solution providers often express their growth aspirations. Left out of the equation: Exactly what it takes to grow a business. That’s where the Channelnomics Growth Calculator comes in.

Developed by The 2112 Group, a channel research and professional services firm, the Channelnomics Growth Calculator gives solution providers precise revenue targets to achieve growth goals. The calculator is sponsored exclusively by Ingram Micro for use by the whole channel community. All reports generated are free.

What do you need to use the tool? Just your current year’s revenue, your revenue goal for growing your business and the number of years you’re allowing to grow your business.

The Channelnomics Growth Calculator produces an individual report that plots annual revenue targets, annual rate of growth and how your growth ambitions compare to the rest of the channel community. It’s that simple. It’s easy, free and fun to use. Most important, it gives you valuable information for establishing a business plan for growing your business.

Click here to see a sample chart.

Get started on the path to success today. Try the Channelnomics Growth Calculator and see what it takes to grow your business to higher levels.

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