5 Can’t-Miss Cloud Marketing Tips


Oct, 13

5 Can’t-Miss Cloud Marketing Tips

Just about every VAR or MSP includes some kind of cloud solution or service as part of its core offering nowadays. However, it’s easy to get so caught up evaluating and selecting cloud solutions and services that the next step — marketing your new cloud offering — gets completely skipped, and you try to rush forward to the sale. It’s not long after the marketing step is skipped that disappointment follows. Whether you’re right in the middle of the trough of disappointment or you’re new to selling cloud and want to more quickly navigate the sales learning curve, Scott Howell has some marketing advice you should heed. Howell leads the Services Marketing group at Ingram Micro, and he’s responsible for marketing and cloud services, professional services, and the Ingram Micro Training Academy.

In his latest article, Five Tips for Cloud Marketing Success, Howell provides MSPs with practical advice that if applied can make a tremendous difference in their ability to engage customers about the cloud. Take, for instance, tip #1, which is “Care for Your Database.” In this section Howell lays a solid foundation by stressing the importance of having an accurate sales and marketing database, including proper spelling of each person’s name (never use all caps) — especially their first name, which you’ll want to use for personalized direct mail and/or email campaigns.

Howell’s message also stresses the importance of having a vertical market focus (tip #2), formalizing your referral marketing program (tip #3), bundling your cloud and managed services (tip #4), and advice on building and leveraging partnerships (tip #5). Check out this timely message in its entirety, available at Talkin’ Cloud.

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