Where Does Digital Signage Fit Into Your Cloud Services Strategy?


Oct, 13

Where Does Digital Signage Fit Into Your Cloud Services Strategy?

While many MSPs are focused on helping their customers migrate traditional back office on-premises IT assets such as servers, routers, and switches to the cloud, front-office technologies that also have solid potential for incremental cloud revenues often are overlooked.

One example is digital signage, a technology that’s been growing at a fast clip over the past few years. According to research from Global Industry Analysts (GIA), worldwide digital signage sales are projected to reach nearly $14 billion by 2017. And, out of the predicted $1.4 billion U.S. digital signage market, nearly $700 million will be attributed to the SMB market, according to a report from DigitalSignageToday.com.

So, the next logical question is: Where does cloud/recurring revenue fit into digital signage sales? Tom Jones, the lead Technical Solutions Engineer (TSE) for ProAV & Digital Signage at Ingram Micro, answered this question best in his recent article, “Who’s Educating Your Customers About Digital Signage?” In the article, Jones says:

“Selling hardware makes up a small part of the overall digital signage revenue potential. Where you can really turn this into a lucrative opportunity is selling and managing digital content. For example, unlike TV commercials that run for 30 seconds, an effective digital signage message may only run for 3 to 5 seconds. Helping your customers create and customize their content for this media is one way to earn additional revenue. Additionally, once customers see the value of their content, there may be an opportunity for you to help them manage the data updates, schedule when their media will be published to their displays, and gathering statistics on their digital marketing campaigns — all for a monthly fee.”

It’s not just the size of the display, the brand, and the type of device that matters — these are secondary compared to the value of the content that runs on these devices. And, where can that content best be stored, managed, and provisioned? I’ll let you answer that one.

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