Don’t Miss the 2014 DaaS Explosion


Nov, 13

Don’t Miss the 2014 DaaS Explosion

Many of the IT service providers I talk to sell basic cloud and managed services, but DaaS (Desktop-as-a-Service) hasn’t yet reach the mainstream for many channel companies just yet. If you’re in this later category, and you’re looking to grow your revenue in 2014, don’t discount the new revenue potential you could be earning from DaaS.

Ken Oestreich, Sr. Director of Product Marketing at Citrix, makes the case for “Why Now is the Right Time To Start Selling DaaS,” in his latest thought leadership article. Here are a few key questions Oestreich clears up about this opportunity:

1. What’s the revenue potential for the DaaS market? According to The 451 Group, the market for the Desktop Virtualization Ecosystem Market is estimated to reach $5.6 billion by 2016. This figure includes server-, client- and cloud-based hosting; session-based computing; application virtualization; and management. Even if a few percent of the cloud-based hosting component manifests itself, we easily have a market in the hundreds of millions of dollars for DaaS.

2. What does selling DaaS enable channel partners to do? 
• Give their customers the freedom to use the devices of their choice
• Deliver workspaces on any device while preserving data security
• Relieve customers of planning device or software upgrades
• Ensure secure access to corporate data whenever, wherever
• Provide a predictable monthly expense, avoiding large capital IT outlays
• Add incremental, recurring revenue with a high profit margin to their bottom lines.

With advances in Internet availability and improved latency issues, the stage is set for DaaS to take off in 2014. As you consider new services to add to your line card for next year, be sure to keep this opportunity top of mind.

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