The Secret To Double-Digit IP Video Surveillance Growth


Mar, 14

The Secret To Double-Digit IP Video Surveillance Growth

According to research from IHS, by the end of this year the global market for network-based video surveillance will reach $7 billion, surpassing for the first time analog-video system sales, which are forecasted to be $6.5 billion. As the IP surveillance market continues to grow, VARs and systems integrator like Global Data Systems (GDS) are discovering that achieving success with this technology requires a combination of IT and vertical market expertise.

GDS is a $47 million systems integrator that specializes in facilities-based telecommunications, datacenter, cloud computing, and systems integration solutions and services. I recently spoke with Ned Fasullo, chief marketing officer at GDS. The integrator is projecting $8 million in additional revenue this year over last, and I was curious to find out what was behind this projected growth. Here’s what Fasullo shared with me: ”

“I would say unequivocally that IP surveillance and access control are at the forefront of business relevant discussions within education and our other top verticals. Generally speaking, it’s something everyone needs. Having an integrated solution gives school administrators the ability to remotely view activities anywhere in the school building and lock down certain sections within their facility if a threat occurs.”

In addition to the traditional security and safety uses for IP video surveillance, GDS’ clients use it for accident investigations, health and safety training, and enhancements to emergency procedures. “Some of the complementary solutions and services we see being integrated with video surveillance, besides access control, include: license-plate recognition, thermal imaging, and direct tie-ins to burglar alarm systems and motion detection systems,” says Fasullo.

To learn additional details about this system integrator’s success, be sure to read the full interview in the April issue of Business Solutions magazine, or by clicking here.

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