Overcome Cloud BDR Fears Once and For All


Jul, 14

Overcome Cloud BDR Fears Once and For All

No matter how hard you try to persuade some customers that backing up their data to the cloud is a wise decision and you can help them do it at an affordable price, you’re still going to run into fear-based objections. This objection can sound like this: “How can I really be sure that your cloud backup solution is working if I can’t see the blinking light on the server?”

I recently spoke with Mike McMillan, VP of technical services at DSM Technology Consultants, a 30-employee MSP. DSM had to overcome a fear-based objection with a five-location financial processing company on its way to unseating a multibillion-dollar competitor.

The key to winning over the skeptical prospect entailed setting up a pilot test and giving the prospect an opportunity to try its cloud BDR before committing to the purchase.

“We set up two Unitrends 833 appliances at their facility and worked with their DBA to mirror their SQL database to our private cloud data center every 15 minutes,” says McMillan.

Other files and applications were backed up at different time intervals based upon the company’s RTO and RPO needs and replicated to one of DSM’s out-of-state DR sites. Leveraging DSM’s virtual disaster recovery (VDR) methodology, the financial services company was able to spin up a live server in DSM’s data center and confirm that everything was working properly.

“We showed them how our VMware-based VDR capabilities enabled them to spin up a local server in as few as 15 minutes, and they could recover from a disaster in less than 24 hours. Their previous vendor could not guarantee better than a 72-hour recovery time.”

By putting in a little extra effort upfront, it paid off big time. After winning the deal, which started out as a 12 TB cloud backup opportunity, it quickly grew to 20 TB and now generates $8,000 in monthly recurring revenue for the MSP.

To see the rest of the story, check out Defeating Goliath In The Cloud BDR Arena.


  1. Kevin Judd says:

    When you allow them to ‘test-drive’ your product first, you establish trust and with trust the commitment will be made on their end. Have you modified programs based on feedback?

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