Overcome Cloud Objections with Education


Nov, 14

Overcome Cloud Objections with Education

If there’s one recurring theme I’m noticing a lot more lately — especially with regard to VARs and MSPs who sell to the SMB market — it’s the fact that there are a lot of misconceptions, misinformation, and ignorance that must be overcome before the provider can talk about specific products and services. I recently came across a report released by the U.S. Fire Administration and FEMA on the topic of business continuity planning, for example, which revealed that while 94% of small U.S. businesses back up the financial information stored on their computer systems, 60% of these companies store their backups on-site only. It’s kind of shocking when you think about the risks these businesses are taking.

Jason Bystrak, Senior Director of The Americas, Ingram Micro

Jason Bystrak, Senior Director of The Americas, Ingram Micro

The cloud is another topic that, like the topic of data protection (and very much related to data protection), requires customer education as a prerequisite to selling it. Jason Bystrak, Senior Director — The Americas at Ingram Micro Cloud, addresses this subject this month in an article on SearchITChannel titled “Three principles for successfully selling cloud services.

Here’s a sneak preview of some of the great advice Bystrak shares in his article:

“One of the distinguishing features the MSP is able to talk about is the data encryption and security it provides — which many public cloud providers can’t — and the important role security plays in complying with industry regulations. Business availability is another distinguishing feature. Although many public cloud providers can boast about a cheaper cost per gigabyte, when business customers can’t recover their data in a timely manner, the high price of downtime adds up quickly. Selling a cloud service with a short recovery time guarantee, on the other hand, is a huge value and differentiator.”

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