Is Video Surveillance In The Cloud Ready for Prime Time?


Feb, 15

Is Video Surveillance In The Cloud Ready for Prime Time?

The video surveillance market is in the midst of a significant upsurge with analysts such as MarketsandMarkets predicting it will approach $38 billion by the end of 2015 — representing a 20.1% CAGR over the past seven years. Within this burgeoning market exists a little known driving force that VARs, integrators, and MSPs should be paying particularly close attention to.

“Consumers have become accustomed to accessing their data, photos, and music from all their devices using cloud services like iCloud, Amazon CloudDrive, and Microsoft OneDrive,” says Steve Gorski, chief sales officer at Scallop Imaging. “The next logical question that follows is: ‘Why can’t we have the same experience with our video at work?’”

Physical security integrator Vector Security, which was recently featured in Business Solutions, said that this is a trend that it’s following closely. “Storing all of your video in the cloud is an exciting proposition for some applications, but it’s currently not practical for our larger clients,” said Steven White, corporate VP of business development at Vector Security. “We do believe that as bandwidth cost and availability continue to improve, the cloud will play a much more significant role in enterprise video surveillance implementations down the road. Even before that happens, however, we are seeing the cloud’s role increasing in other areas. For example, aggregating data from multiple systems into customer portals, which are used to view networked devices, provides real-time alerts via mobile apps and, to produce reports, is most effective when delivered via the cloud.”

3xLOGIC’s Erickson believes video in the cloud has significant potential right now. “Putting video in the cloud is all about making video accessible outside of the four walls. It’s great for mobile applications and for people not in your corporate environment. The video is easier to access and easier to integrate with other data. The challenge for integrators is that this is a recurring monthly revenue model, but it’s not an equipment sale — it’s a service sale. So, it will take time for some integrators to fully understand the value of video in the cloud, which is a prerequisite to pricing and selling it.”

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