EFSS: Where BYOD and Security Meet


Mar, 15


EFSS: Where BYOD and Security Meet

Earlier this month Ingram Micro Cloud announced Nomadesk as the latest addition to its Cloud Marketplace. Nomadesk is a SaaS-based enterprise file synchronization and sharing (EFSS) solution that addresses a prevalent small-, medium-, and enterprise-size business need that exists at the intersection of BYOD (bring your own device) and security.

Filip Tack, CEO and Cofounder, Nomadesk

Filip Tack, CEO and Cofounder, Nomadesk

A recent article by the London Evening Standard states that 70% of frauds are now cyber crimes. And according to a Fiberlink survey, more than 50% of people reported uploading sensitive data to cloud services like Dropbox and iCloud.

“The rise of consumer mobility and BYOD have encouraged the adoption of — mostly free — cloud based file sharing services,” says Filip Tack, CEO and Cofounder of Nomadesk. “While most of them solve the basic synchronization and sharing demands, they also introduce a serious security and compliance threat for any organization sharing valuable and sensitive corporate data with third parties. Plus, they store documents in the public cloud, unprotected from peering eyes.”

Through Nomadesk’s Vault, which acts like an extra computer hard drive, users gain a secure desktop folder that allows them to store important documents in one place with remote access. By simply dragging and dropping files into the Vault, data is immediately encrypted and synchronized to Nomadesk’s Public Cloud and available for sharing with others.

As an added layer of security, Nomadesk’s proprietary Theftguard technology protects cached files on users’ mobile devices and offers the ability to remotely wipe important files in the event of a lost or stolen device, while keeping data safely stored in the cloud. Additionally, Nomadesk allows users to track stolen or misplaced devices, via Google Maps.

Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace users receive additional benefits, including the ability to private label the Nomadesk solution and the ability to customize the look and feel of the desktop clients, online portal, email templates, messages and mobile apps —in addition to being able to bundle Nomadesk with a host of other complementary cloud solutions and services and offering end users a single invoice for all their cloud services.

Ingram Micro resellers already activated on the Cloud Marketplace can immediately begin selling, activating, and provisioning Nomadesk through the portal. Those resellers not yet activated on the Cloud Marketplace can sign up through Ingram’s Cloud partner program and join the 1,200-plus other partners who are already taking advantage of this new simple way of deploying cloud solutions.

For more information, please go to IngramMicroCloud.com and click on “Marketplace.” Or contact: Lindsay Oprandi at 1-800-456-8000 ext. 66617 or email Lindsay.Oprandi@ingrammicro.com.

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