An Integrator’s Secret to $75,000-Plus a Year in Reduced Engineering Labor Costs


Apr, 15

An Integrator’s Secret to $75,000-Plus a Year in Reduced Engineering Labor Costs

A skeptic may look at the title of this article and conclude that the business owner must have issued a pay cut across the board for engineers. While that strategy might produce the desired results in the short-term (until the disgruntled engineers all found employment somewhere else), it wasn’t what system integrator/IT consultant boice.net did to cut its engineering costs.

As a Cisco Certified Gold Partner with Advanced Unified Collaboration, Advanced Security and Advanced Wireless and Data Center specializations, boice.net has nearly 22 years’ experience providing a wide range of solutions and services to customers across several vertical markets. Scott Klink, Datacenter Architect at boice.net has played a key role in the company’s IT projects. As the company has grown — and especially after it added cloud services to its line card a few years ago — Klink’s time was consumed by tasks such as creating server, firewall, router and other cloud solutions for customer proposals.

The boice.net management team recognized that something needed to be done to free up pre-sales engineers’ time. Klink says a couple of years ago, his company tried outsourcing cloud services tasks to a vendor partner, but that didn’t last very long. “Too often we found we had to micromanage the process to the point that it nullified any time savings,” he says.

Last year, while attending the Ingram Micro Cloud Summit, boice.net was introduced to Ingram Micro Cloud Ignite Services and decided to investigate further. Check out “The Smart Integrator’s Guide to Using Cloud Support Services” to get the details.

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