Ingram Micro CloudTalk: Interview with Matt Hale, AvTek


Jun, 15

Ingram Micro CloudTalk: Interview with Matt Hale, AvTek

Ingram Micro Cloud University Live gives us an opportunity to bring together resellers, vendors, and industry thought leaders into one room for the opportunity to have conversations around topics like cloud technology and associated best practices for growing a cloud business.  Many of our attendees own their own reseller business or are a part of one. Since Cloud University Live is held around the country, we also have the opportunity to hear their insights on everything from the changing cloud landscape to the verticals they work in.

On June 4, 2015, we held Cloud University Live in Dallas, Texas. At its conclusion, we were able to sit down with Matt Hale, who is Managed Services Director of AvTek, an IT services company in nearby Plano, Texas. Matt is responsible for day-to-day activities in operations, project management, and customer support. We chatted about everything from his company’s investment in Cloud to his thoughts on the direction of Cloud moving forward.

Ingram Micro Cloud: Tell us more about AvTek and what the company does. Who do you serve?

Matt Hale: AvTek was founded in 2004 and is a 15-25 person company. We are a service provider that partners with many vendors, namely Dell and most recently, IBM. When we started our Managed Services department, we provided end user desktop support which wasn’t our niche, but we’ve evolved into an infrastructure support provider. You can think of us as the IT for other IT departments.

As far as our vertical markets, we are focused on regional and local banks offering solutions that help them lower their deficiency rating as well as home health companies which require us to be HIPAA compliant. These are just a couple of the many types of customers we interact with.

IMC: How is AvTek transitioning into the cloud?

MH: Within the area of cloud, we are actively using Veeam Cloud Connect through a service called Off-site Data Protection. This service gives our customers the ability to take their local Veeam backup and send this data off site for storage in our data center. We can usually have this service up and running for our customers in 15-30 minutes.

Additionally, we also help our customers with business continuity solutions through building private clouds and running them out of our data center, whether it’s production or in case of emergency.

As a whole, we are still transitioning into cloud with 10% of our services being cloud driven, but we hope to increase that to 40-50% in the near future.

IMC: How do you work with Ingram Micro?

MH: We currently purchase software and hardware from Ingram Micro, who we consider one of our primary distributors. I heard of the Cloud Marketplace for the first time at Cloud University Live, and we walked away with a lot of valuable information. We are excited about the Cloud Marketplace and how it can help us lift our client’s business to the cloud with confidence and ease, not to mention our own. We look forward to working with Ingram Micro to build a successful and profitable cloud business.

IMC: Where do you think IT and the cloud Industry are headed?

MH: We believe that if companies don’t see cloud becoming prevalent, they are hiding their heads in the sand. It is inevitable how much of the market is going to be cloud-based. From a service provider standpoint, cloud, which normally constitutes volume-based sales, means we must strive to maintain good customer service and keep in contact with the customer. This is especially important for businesses like ours who thrive on word of mouth and repeat business.

IMC: What advice do you have for fellow partners in this time of technology transition?

MH: One key piece to keep in mind during this technology transition is to try and not have a fear of the unknown with technology, even though it is changing rapidly. If you get stuck and don’t want to change, technology will leave you behind. When it comes to building partnerships and relationships with other companies, make sure they support you and help push you forward.


For customers and resellers interested in learning more about AvTek, visit their website at http://www.avteksolutions.com/. You can also learn more about Cloud University Live by visiting our site at http://www.ingrammicrocloud.com/cloud-university/. Stay tuned to CloudTalk as we’ll be sharing more stories and interviews throughout the year for resellers who want to elevate their cloud business and stay abreast of the industry.

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