How to Make Money in the Cloud


Jul, 15

How to Make Money in the Cloud

Read any number of IT industry studies, reports, and blogs and you’ll find quotes like these:

“Escaping the cloud is almost impossible”

“Welcome to the new cloud-based IT economy”

“Cloud is more disruptive than the change to client/server or the Internet”

The hype about cloud is fairly loud, but there are many real-life situations where cloud is living up to its potential.

Cloud is supporting many of today’s computing trends: support for mobile devices and big data analytics, satisfying and empowering ever-demanding customers, serving organizations with expanded business windows—24/7/365 buying, anywhere in the world, easing the entry into global markets, and accelerating the pace of innovation to stay ahead of competitors.
We may be only a few years into cloud as the next big thing, but it is delivering value for businesses today. Some of these value propositions include:

  • Agility—Cloud enables businesses to improve speed-to-market and responsiveness to customers.
  • Flexibility—Customers can leverage the elasticity of scaling up or down to meet market conditions. Additionally, customers use however many resources they need without incurring high costs. Finally, the flexibility of cloud allows businesses to incorporate both on-premises and/or on off-premises solutions for the greatest efficiency.
  • Cost—Cloud allows businesses to lower their costs, leveraging the utility based model of paying only for what they use. As a result, businesses are able shift from capital to operating expenses, relinquishing the need to think about purchasing business items like hardware.
  • Reliability—When natural disaster hits, cloud solutions allow for the maintaining of business continuity and data availability. In the face of nature, cloud also enhances disaster recovery, allowing businesses to recover their data immediately.

So how do you make money using this knowledge? How do you make your business grow using cloud technologies? Join us for an interactive event, hosted by IBM SoftLayer, to discuss this topic in depth. Register & learn more today.

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