Key Considerations for Your IaaS Strategy


Jul, 15

Key Considerations for Your IaaS Strategy

The last thing a CIO wants to worry about when working to improve an organization, is the ability to keep pace with the needs of innovation and competitive pressure. One of the ways to avoid the stress is to consider Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

IaaS can be looked at as simply infrastructure, which every organization needs to function. IaaS is a good solution for business because it saves organizations money, provides scalability, and has support for data recovery, backup, and high availability.

Channel partners can also look at IaaS as a path to business success. Before jumping in though, important considerations should be evaluated. In today’s blog post, we’ll explore the questions that channel partners should ask before they add IaaS to their offerings.

Consideration #1: What are the core competencies?
It’s always important to know the strengths of your cloud practice. Strengths can be attributed to a vendor portfolio with competencies in Microsoft, VMware, IBM, AWS, or Citrix technologies. They can also focus on domain knowledge expertise such as cloud migration, managing/monitoring infrastructure, or matching solutions to specific needs. Knowing your strengths ultimately leads to better and more targeted conversations with the customer.

Consideration #2: What solutions will be tailored around IaaS?
Just having IaaS alone is not enough. Channel partners must consider the solutions tailored around IaaS and incorporate them into their proposals. Example solutions for end customers can include storage, security, communications and collaboration, or server. Implementing such solutions can help the channel partner build margin, as well as add value to the IaaS strategy as a whole.

Consideration #3: What positioning does IaaS take economically?
Finally, channel partners must be able to position IaaS as an economic benefit to their customers. One way is to communicate how IaaS transforms the way an organization handles costs. Channel partners should let customers know that they no longer have to worry about replacing outdated equipment, and can instead focus on their usage of infrastructure services.

Additionally, channel partners can explain how CIOs can leverage IaaS to scale up and down quickly in response to their business requirements. Such features and flexibility allow IT organizations to manage their resources more effectively.

Take the Next Step
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