3 Tips for an Effective Cloud Policy


Aug, 15

3 Tips for an Effective Cloud Policy

Organizations adopting cloud policies earn its benefits, from lower capital expenses to increased productivity and flexibility for their employees. While CIOs are purchasing the right gear and deploying the right technologies, they often forget to create related technology policies.

As an Ingram Micro channel partner, you serve as a trusted advisor to your customers. Beyond product education, you must teach your customers about the benefits of creating an effective cloud policy to ease technology transition. In today’s blog post, we’ll share 3 tips that will help you get started.

  1. Create internal consultants and train your users

Positive experiences with cloud begin with the user. Encourage your customers to hold workshops and craft documentation to help their stakeholders understand the cloud. Additionally, empower your customers to designate internal employees as a point of contact to answer questions, provide demonstrations, and garner feedback from colleagues. Users will be enabled to offer feedback and suggestions around improving cloud solutions, permitting creation or amendment of cloud policies.  In turn, your customers will experience fewer help-desk calls and higher satisfaction.

  1. Design new cloud and device policies

The increasing popularity in cloud has prompted more employees to bring their personal devices to work. According to research firm IDC, employee-liable devices (also known as bring your own device, or BYOD) will number 331.3 million by 2018. While it may be liberating for your customers to enable their employees to bring personal devices, they must also set clear policies. IT departments specifically need to plan around issues surrounding data security, application usage while on the company network, and security. By creating strong device policies, your customers will mitigate their technology risks.

  1. Update general IT and computer policies

Finally, once your customers implement their cloud solutions, they also need to update general IT and computer policies to align to organizational data gathering and business activities. Guidelines must reflect changing paradigms and be transparent, since most devices are no longer confined only to the office. Only then will employees also be aligned with organizational and technology changes.

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