Dropbox Paper App Now in Beta


Aug, 16

Dropbox Paper App Now in Beta

This week Dropbox launched another great tool for teams to collaborate with. Dropbox Paper is a shared document that can be viewed and edited directly in your browser or on your device in the app. There’s no need to download the file, and rich media like links, images and videos can be added directly in the document. Paper is free for all Dropbox Business users and can be viewed as another powerful teamwork offering to include in your Dropbox Business pitch.

Paper screenshot

Dropbox Paper’s clean collaboration space

Many teams will be able to benefit from the ease of collaboration Dropbox Paper allows. Besides editing the document itself, users can also leave comments for each element and section, creating the perfect platform for teamwork. Many verticals suit Paper’s features, inserting code is even a stand-alone feature.

So far, our team has used Paper for event planning, quarterly marketing, and project management. Dropbox users can visit paper.dropbox.com to sign up for the beta, or search for Dropbox paper on the app store. The beta is expected to finish in a few months, so we’re confident there will be even more great features when the full product rolls out around the end of the year. Next time you talk to your customers about Dropbox Business, make sure you include Paper in your conversation when explaining how Dropbox drives collaboration.

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