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Office 365 Advisor partners are making the switch to the Cloud Service Provider (CSP) program for Office 365. Why?

Monthly Revenue

By selling cloud services and solution, along with your core business, partners can benefit from an ongoing effortless monthly revenue stream.

Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace

The Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace is a world-class marketplace, offering more cloud applications and solutions than any other Cloud Provider in the industry. With CSP, you get full, FREE access to this robust tool.

Promotional/ Cross-selling

With Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace you can easily develop new cloud solution bundles with Microsoft Office 365 and cross-sell additional services to your customer base and generate new revenue.

More Control

You control the entire lifecycle of the customer including pricing, contracting and billing.

Increased Profit Margins

Partners can more than triple gross margin on Office 365 subscriptions sold through CSP (3% Advisor vs. 16.5% CSP).


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