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Aug, 13

How The NSA Prism Scandal Threatens the U.S.’ Cloud Market Lead

According to the ITIF (Information Technology and Innovation Foundation)’s latest report, the Hong Kong’ lead in cloud computing adoption could be in serious jeopardy, following the backlash caused by the recent NSA Prism spying scandal, which was first made public in early June. ¬†According to the report, the scandal could cause foreign companies to decide […]


Jul, 13

Think Identity Theft Is Greater in the Cloud? Think Again.

As cloud computing platforms and offerings continue to mature, more businesses are seriously considering the cloud as a viable option for their mission-critical IT applications. As is often the case, consumers have already been there, done that with online banking, healthcare, and retail transactions and services leading to hundreds of millions of users now storing […]


Jun, 13

Will The NSA’s PRISM Scandal Put Your Cloud Sales On Hold?

Many reading this are probably already well aware of the damaging news the super-secretive National Security Agency suffered recently, when details about the NSA’s PRISM program was leaked by former NSA IT contractor, Edward Snowden, who alleged that the agency collects and stores phone records of millions of Americans. Much more hair-raising were the follow-up […]

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